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A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S (Danish pronunciation: [ˈɛˀ ˈpʰe̝ˀ mølɐˈmɛɐ̯sk]), also known as simply Maersk, is a Danish integrated shipping company, active in ocean and inland freight transportation and associated services, such as supply chain management and port operation. Maersk has been the largest container ship and supply vessel operator in the world since 1996. The company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with subsidiaries and offices across 130 countries and around 80,220 employees in 2018.

A former senior data engineer mentioned, "Never ever join Maersk bangalore unit. Very terrible working environment. High level of politics in every team. Managers and architects are useless and only work they know is create PPTs and fool Denmark people. There is no outcome from this unit and just looting Denmark office on the name of transformation. Most terrible environment for employees to work in Bangalore office where HRs are also puppet of your managers and no matter how big issue is employees are always in fault. Only possible option is resign from here and get some peace rather than continuous torture. People coming from 1 particular company, are at higher level and giving priority to their past employees and bootlickers. There was not much work left to do because of poor management decisions. This is what happens when old technology people become your managers and architect of team which was supposed to transform entire processing framework to new technologies."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The people are rude. They don't train you properly and will blame you severely when you do a mistake. The manger creates such a toxic environment for the employees, i found out that the one in charge does meetings just to talk badly about people."


"Theyll cancel shifts random Make you click out early Picks favorites Racist Doesn't care if you get hurt Take away breaks Change times on clock out sheet to make your time short because they gave you a "break" when they didnt Says they'll promote but theyll take it away and give it to someone else or only promote women Poor management"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Zero work life balance. Management is a complete joke. Zero accountability for supervisors."

Former Employee - Ocean Import says

"lack of management skills & unorganized."


"No professionalism, almost all good managers are gone, customer service is out the window"

Virginia says

"Nepotism. Good ol boy club. The CSR has too much power. She's hourly yet can get people blackballed. Work life balance is horrid. Unless you're in with the Facility director. Do not work there."


"Where to start? The management is clueless about how to train anyone who isn't exactly like them. You're expected work hours are 60+ a week and anything less you're looked at like you are lazy. The pay is pretty terrible considering the hours and the region you're basically factoring at maybe minimum wage + 15% which is laughable. My favorite interaction with the company was a company wide survey that went out where everyone put the worst part about the job was the Work/Life balance, so what did they do? They took away your ability to work from home."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is absolutely horrible. So much turnover within the past year none of the supervisors have any experience or leadership skills and the expectation is for those with knowledge and Warehouse experience to train them. CSR/QA manager has pretty much chased all the good skilled employees away and brought in his friends who know nothing and do nothing for the company. They sit around collecting paychecks while they enslave the temps. This same manager has told certain employees that so long as they work under himy they will never be promoted. So sad these people still are there and haven't moved on. I don't suggest anyone apply here so long as this management team especially this manager is in office."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The Jurupa Valley/Mira Loma facility is an environment that is motivated, not by appreciation and positive reinforcement, but by threats, fear, and the realization that no matter how hard we work or how we'll we do, it will never ever be enough to please. There is such a lack of organization, preparedness, communication, set expectations, and especially professionalism, it is impossible to know how to succeed here."

Former Employee - Import Specialist says

"The quotas were deemed unrealistic on most staff that some of my coworkers spoke of working at home in their off hours to make up the work without reporting the hours on their weekly pay sheet. My quotas came in "low" because I did not fudge my hours. In less than a week of reporting that coworkers were working off hours and not claiming them to HR (while staff corroborated my claims to HR while I was there), i received a prompt "layoff"."

Process Expert (Former Employee) says

"Such a bad place to work just works a govt employee senior ppl can go fast - lot of politics not encouraging ppl no proper hike they have stupid norms no career growth opportunity but thy do all build up in interview as if thy are like very professional but nothng works - company making lazy by putting food for nite shft ppl even transport guys has no respect for employees"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This company expects you to do unpaid overtime and although they promise chance to advance they dont often happen.They dont pay alot compared to other places of similar jobs and they tend to have a high staff turnover"

Terminal Manager (Former Employee) says

"All top executive positions are taken by relatives close family members. They don't know squat, they use the lower workers the ones that actually do the work to complete all task. While they lunch and go to wasted meetings. Type of company's like these only survive because of the need of the middle and lower class.NoneEveryone"

Senior Process Expert (Supply Chain Management) says

"Working time is 8 hours but workload is very big so daily working timeing is 12 to 14 hours and growth and increment is poor condition.management doesn't support if we want to leave the company for our bright future.Growth is slow and teammates and my team leader naveen are not support which need my critical time.Worst behaviour"

Roughneck/Floorhand (Former Employee) says

"Working overseas through an employment agenc is a hard way to earn a living wage. Keep dreaming about the contract offer which will never come. Nobody cares for you you are a number."

Roustabout/OS (Ordinary Seaman) says

"If you have a contract offer from Maersk read it carefully. The way it is worded is they own you for life. Breaking through the clicks and buddy system takes time. The carrot the dangle is not worth it."


"No management at all and very short staffed. No real direction and most of the customers have been moving on to new and better 3pl companies. Long hours."

Assistant Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"Was a horrible was to work! GM has 2 favorites and doesn't want to work and doesn't understand the operations. lots of things wrong with this place...zerothe whole place"

Chief Cook (Former Employee) says

"My overall experience was OK at safmarine. Just found their loyalty at the end very appalling towards workers that has worked for them for years as the working conditions deteriorated over the years."

Instrutor de Treinamento (Current Employee) says

"Para realização de trabalho a bordo, nos deparávamos com escala de até 63 dias a bordo - sem que fosse concedida folga em período igual, sendo necessário fazer novo embarque mesmo que com poucos dias de folga (menos de uma semana) e não é pago como 'dobra'. As horas trabalhadas a mais ficam no banco de horas. Se durante sua folga, você alega ter compromisso, é constrangido a embarcar sob risco de perder o emprego.Clima entre os colegasEmpresa não se importa com os funcionários"

Logistics Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Constant change is the modus operandi. The management is as lost as the workers, the pay is quite horrible, and no one knows what is going on. Constant turnover. Not a good place"

Crane operator Supervise (Former Employee) says

"Daily work used to be good . we enjoy working together as a mate , doing hard working with good attitude and the wrigt equipment and people. we use to build pipes lines around the world and specially on brazilian waters.good"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company outsourced this division. Maersk was looking to move into the warehousing/distribution end of the shipping business. They purchased a 3PL warehouse - HUDD but it proved to be a poor acquisition as contracts with clients were inadequate and not profitable.N/aN/a"

Trade Analyst (Current Employee) says

"It is a multinational orgarnisation. We are goal getters and it is fun place to work. A typical day at work is filled with energy. Meeting up with dead lines and while still on that your manger also has another duty that needed to be done along side with your dead line. It sometimes make you work all day without thinking of lunch break. I have learned more on how to be proactive. Manement skilled as been improved as we are given power to work with little or no supervision My co-worker are fun to be with we a on great team tat enjoys great team work. when we achieve great result it is celebrated as a team and vise versa. The addest part is satisfying both your internal and external customers. The most enjoyable part of my job is when i achieve a great deal at the end of a project. Note Overall rating is more than one star i could not pick 4 star as the site won't allow me, which is what my company is worthfree lunch, birthday celebration, team outing and team bounding, 13th month salary, christmas gift and partygood helth care benefits, one hour long breaks"

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"I went there with eyes wide open for a new opportunity but they were not understanding towards families. I didn't like the micro-managing that takes place there and how the management treated the employees. I didn't have the best experience while working there.gym, cafe on site, blood drivesmanagement, not fair to all employees"

Executive, Business Controller (Former Employee) says

"Excellent company. good strength. Many locations across the world. Nice process. Huge departments. Nice policies. Employee satisfation."

Sr. Payroll Associate (Former Employee) says

"Great Company for expat employees. Great group of people. I did not work there very long because they were not making any money."

Assistant Manager (Global Operations) says

"As my title suggest, do not be fooled by the name Maersk. This is merely a 3rd party Outsourced group of AP Moller Maersk. For starters, this company makes you sign a 3-month notice period at the time of resignation. In other words, they want money when you decide to quit, because, let's face it, which company would want to hire you after 3 months?? They're not afraid to hold your PF and will not sign the PF forms for release of funds, even though it's completely illegal. Secondly, employees in the night shift are "mandated" to report in early hours, very occasionally, I may add, for ad-hoc meetings, completely disrupting your body-clock. Third, the managers love to get into your personal lives and leverage your weakness towards their own favor. They are not afraid to gossip and spread rumors about your personal situation and make nasty comments every time you are in trouble. Fourth: Stay away from the HR!None, Zero, NadaAll of the above in the review"

Intermodal coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management staff is overworked to capacity and very unhappy, but not much choice they have to deal with the abuse and rudeness from management as they depend on their job"

Sr.Associate (Former Employee) says

"Bad managment. All type of favouritism can be seen. No appreciation from managers. Slow or rather no growth in career due to personal grudges held by manager. HR are literally of no use, they don't bother to listen employee issues or concern even if the employee is hard working and had served company for many years. The only benefit one can see is free meal and transport provided by the company."